Welcome to Valued Voices!

Together, we work with conscious parents to empower self-expression in their late talkers through holistic therapies. We work with your whole family to help your late-talker reach their communication milestones. Our holistic therapies empower children to find their voice through whatever modality suits their needs, whether that be speaking, gestures, writing, art, dance, or a device.

Through our Valued Voices online learning courses, parents and children will connect in finding their form of self expression. Our courses will have a deep focus on speech, language and learning development and will include worksheets, fun activities, and tips & suggestions to carryover at home.

We will post new videos each month for you and your family to watch together. When you sign up for our subscription program you will have access to all of our videos and activities.

We are all all in this journey together and are so grateful to have you part of our Valued Voices family!

Sholeh Shahinfar, MA, CCC-SLP, RYT

A speech-language pathologist and certified oral motor therapist, Sholeh founded Valued Voices in 2014, shortly after a leap of faith landed her in a sought-after post- secondary teaching position in California.

As Founder and CEO of Valued Voices, Sholeh uses her gift in holistic Child Communication Development to empower children to connect to their authentic voice. She works closely with entire families to ease the stress of the unknown and find and implement solutions to any communication challenges a child is experiencing.

Her desire to give children the tools to express their most authentic self was born out of her own childhood experiences with self-expression. Sholeh learned through her studies and life experiences that you can express your “voice” through whatever modality fits your needs, whether that be speaking, gestures, a device, writing, art, or dance.

A registered yoga teacher who’s also fluent in Farsi, Sholeh has an innate ability to create calm and promote mindfulness. When she’s not furthering her education outside of office hours, you can find her out in nature or at the beach with her pup Kobe.

Her practice is deeply rooted in the belief that we’re all connected. And that only through our connectedness can we reach and impact children to uplift their voices in the world.

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